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Our constantly updating instagram feed is displayed below. check back for our Culpeper Farmers Market Attendance announcements & whats growing and going on!

Snake Oak Farm EST. 2013


As Southern Californian natives, we never dreamed of owning a small farm.  But when we found Snake Oak Farm in the Spring of 2013 it seemed like the land surrounding our 1895-ish farmhouse was begging for animals and a garden.  We started with chickens. Chickens are a gateway animal.  Soon we had geese, then goats, then ducks.  This past year we have added shetland sheep and two heritage hogs.  We try to grow a large proportion of our food because we believe the meat we consume should, as often as possible, come from animals raised humanely and processed with respect. 

In 2015 I started following Erin of Floret.  My mom and I have always been a fan of flowers on our tables and watching as erin championed the old and forgotten flower varieties made me wonder what I could grow for my own table.  I started the first year with a few varieties of sweet peas and some zinnias my mom recommended.  IN the Fall of 2016 with the worst flu I've had I took advantage of a dig your own dahlias day at Wollam GArdens and came home with three five gallon buckets of tubers.  The next year I grew these along with several other annuals with a lot of success.  I quickly realized that I was growing much more than what I needed for my table and resolved to do a farmers market.   We did our first farmers market in 2018 with a lot of success.  I completed my first large wedding that fall along with a handful of engagement and elopement bouquets.  we also completed a flower cooler.  

dahlia farm.PNG
We Plan to return to the Culpeper Farmers Market in the Spring of 2019 with a full selection of specialty local flowers.  WE will also have our other botanical products such soap, lip balm, and jewel weed salve available.  
Thank you for learning a little bit about our farm and our passions. We look forward to sharing the bounty of the season with you in 2019!
                                                        - Christian & Erika 
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