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Locally made unique gift ideas and consumables designed with care and quality in mind. 

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New Vendor! We are excited to welcome El
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al works of art inspired

welcome to our store 

We are excited to welcome you to our store.  We have designed and curated a space we ourselves would love to shop in.  We are excited to offer unique gifts and consumables curated from a group of local makers who take pride in their products but do not wish to offer them on a large scale.  Many of our vendors offer their items on consignment allowing us to offer high quality items that would otherwise not be seen in a typical retail store.   We support our makers and will often have a story to tell you about each product and the man or woman who made it.  In supporting local agriculture we attempt to source our ingredients from sources close to home (like the beeswax we use).   When you purchase an item from our store you can be confident you are supporting a small scale producer and not a big box.  Furthermore your gift will be completely unique as this is likely the only place the item you have purchased is being sold.  Come on in and look around. Our inventory changes by the season and we would love to chat about gardening, fiber work, and other crafts.  Are you a maker? If so, and you have products you'd like to offer, we encourage you to contact us to see if they will fit our curated vision for the store.  Looking forward to meeting you!

- The Snake Oak Farm Family

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